3 ways to integrate international employees in your company

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So, you have jumped onto the ‘globalization’ wagon and you have decided to hire new interns from abroad. While it may be a good look for the company and it will keep you abreast in terms of trends, there is more to it than hiring. The organization must also make strides in integrating their international employees in order to make them reach their full potential within the company. There are many examples of companies which decided to work on diversity and inclusion within their workforce, and we are going to discuss a few of the methods that were used in driving towards inclusion.


While training is an amazing tool that can be used in order to provide support in education for teams, leaders and other teammates within the organization, coaching assists in a much deeper and complex way for them to have self-reflection. This will aid in making sure all of the parties mentioned will be able to evaluate any preconceived notion of bias towards minorities. By understanding this bias, they will be able to know how better to hire and integrate global talent into the organization. Coaching can also be used for the global talents themselves. It provides a space where they are able to uncover their potential and become more self-aware about who they really are and how they can use their self-awareness to contribute to the company.

Mentorship programs and buddies

Mentors within the organization can assist minorities in integrating in the company. Mentors are leaders who can assist subordinates in understanding and guide them into their job and/or career path. Matching and pairing global talent with current employees helps them to learn easily the corporate culture, the job and the company from a first-hand source. This then helps better to integrate into the company. Another system to consider which is similar to the mentorship program is the buddy and peer system. The main difference between the two is that within the buddy system the global talent is matched to a co-worker rather than a leader. This also provides ease into assimilating in the company.

Cultural change

Organizations need to change their culture in order to be more inclusive. One way they could do this is to actively create high engagement by encouraging the international employees to give inputs. In addition to this, always acknowledge and regard an open communication culture within the organization in relations to non-locals. This will promote initiative and contribution from global talent and bring out the best in them. The whole process helps them to integrate into the company and such a culture should be embedded in all aspects of the company, not only from a down-up method but it should be a 360 degrees change. Therefore, it will ensure to create an environment that is democratic, supportive and fair and that global talents not only integrate but also fulfill their potential.

While there are more methods to actually integrate new global talent into the company, those were just 3 of some of the best way to integrate them. If you need to find ways to hire global talent, find out how by clicking here.


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