3 interview questions to help you identify innovative candidates

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In this start-up culture and technologically advancing landscape innovativeness as a skill has been in high demand from employees. This is because of the many advantages they bring to the company. They question the status quo and challenge people to think outside the box. They also change the cultural ecosystem within their workspaces. They bring about a new working culture and engage more with people within the organization. Now that you know that it is essential to have such individuals in your company, how can you assess that the candidates who apply to open positions actually possess this skill? Let’s take a look at 3 specific questions that you can ask in your interview procedure to assess the innovativeness of your candidates.

What problems in the world do you want to solve?

While this question has nothing to do directly with working in an office, it does, however, show a candidate’s outside perspective that can help to fix issues within the company. People from different backgrounds who have nothing connected to the business bring in different life experiences that can be used to bring a new view on the company’s processes and way of doing things.

How do you see yourself three years from now in the organization?

This is one of the most popular questions used in the interview process. Companies ask this question in order to see how best a candidate can forecast their industry’s future. In addition, they assess if they can see how current and expected trends will affect their course of life. Most candidates who answer this question in a logical manner exhibit creativeness and are currently updated according to their reality and are able to prepare for such forecasts in order to react to them.

Do you have the eagerness to identify opportunities to grow within the organization?

It is good to ask how the candidate did this in a practical way as this question tries to figure out how motivated the candidate is to adapt to their workplace. In addition, this is a way that figures out how the individual is in the use of technology in their everyday work life by finding out if they make use of new technology in their work. They also will be able to express if they are able to provide different hidden opportunities that could be used as an advantage for the company. Lastly, this reveals how agile and resilient employees are as it seeks to see how they move through challenges within the organization.

These were three good questions you could use to assess potential employees to see if they are innovative and/or creative. Obviously, there are many more, which can help you identify the best candidates. If you are looking for young millennials who are innovative, creative, agile and resilient we can assist you, all you have to do is click here.


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