29 Engaging February Journal Prompts to Ignite Your Inner Leader

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Somewhere at the beginning of January, you blinked for a second, and *poof* February is here. 🫣

Time flies by fast, isn’t it?

Therefore, do you want to maximize February to ignite your inner leader and live with more intention? Yes? 🤔


Ok, how about journaling using prompts? ✍️

In case you are wondering what prompts are, they are questions that help you write more efficiently in your journal. With a prompt, you can reflect on your day, check whether you achieved your objective, and set goals for the following days.

If you don’t have the habit of journaling, prompts can help you start, and it’s up to you how long your entries are.

With this said, we compiled a list of 29 prompts for each day of February. Feel free to switch them up.

Here they are:

1. What did I learn about myself last month? 

2. Who do I admire for their leadership qualities? What exactly do I admire?

3. What are my core values, and how do they help me make decisions daily?

4. What is a challenging situation I am dealing with? How do I approach it with a leadership mindset?

5. What skills do I want to develop as a leader? How can I make it happen?

6. What lessons do I take from my failures and mistakes?

7. What’s my leadership style, and how did it influence the last team I was in?

8. How did I weigh the options of one of my most challenging decisions?

9. How can I use my leadership style more in my daily life?

10. When did I step out of my comfort zone? What did I learn from it?

11. How can I become better in my communication?

12. How can I bounce back as a leader when I feel like giving up?

13. How can I reframe my worst experiences and challenges as the biggest opportunities for growth I ever had?

14. What small thing can I do today to inspire someone?

15. What intrinsic and extrinsic factors ( inner and outer factors ) motivate me?

16. What leadership personalities in literature and history do I find most interesting? Why?

17. What must I do to become a more “servant leader?”

18. What habit do I need to replace to become more effective?

19. How do I balance assertiveness and empathy in my leadership style?

20. How can I commit to ongoing personal and professional development?

21. What are my strengths and weaknesses? Am I in a role right now that fosters any of them?

22. What do I love about myself?

23. How did I deal with stress and pressure in the past? What can I learn about myself that can help me navigate stress better?

24. What are 3 of my short-term leadership goals? How can I achieve them?

25. What are 3 of my long-term leadership goals? How can I achieve them?

26. How can I foster a sense of belonging and community in the team I am in right now? (If you aren’t in a team, think about past situations or for the future)

27. What are my interests outside work? How can I use them to leverage my leadership skills?

28. How do I help others develop their leadership qualities? What works, and what needs to be changed?

29. About what am I feeling grateful for this month? How can I implement gratitude more often in my daily life?

Happy writing! 🖋️


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