AIESEC is made up of stories like yours.

Every year over 50000 people embark on a leadership development experience #withaiesec, through internships, voluntary work or membership. 2020 may be an exception, but it won’t be like this forever.

Each one has a special story to tell. A story that inspires to grow, change, give back and move forward. We want to share these stories with others and inspire them to act, experience and challenge themselves the same way you did on your experience. 

How to make it cool

    • The best stories are always authentic. You are a unique person with your own unique experience, you are allowed to write about in your own style and perception. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings!
    • Focus on the moments that made your experience memorable, challenging or exciting for you. Give details of that stories, describe your wow-moments, people and the environment you were in.
    • The ideal length of a blog is minimum 400 words and maximum 600. So, make sure you include important information, but at the same time don’t overload the content.
  • We are here to help 🙂 Our editors will take a look at your story and make sure it is polished before it gets online. So don’t worry if you are not a native English speaker!