Common Questions

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Basic Program Queries

Anyone who is between the age range of 18 to 29 years and can afford to go for the duration of the program (6 to 8 weeks) can go.

It is a voluntary project so educational qualifications are not a priority here, however some projects can have some requirements and specifications on the kind of people they want to select. Nevertheless, generally anyone can apply on any Global Volunteer project, all you need is, to be good with your communication in English which is the major requirement.

If any project does have any specific requirements then you can find that out by checking out the prerequisites that have been mentioned in it in its opportunity/project link and can consult your Experience Manager for it.

No, Global volunteer program has no stipend provided.

No, we only provide international internships to develop cross cultural understanding and global mindset development.


However, you can work in a local office of AIESEC as a local volunteer if you live close to an area that comes under one of our local offices. This pertains to joining our organisation as a member which is different from our internships such as Global Volunteer which is interning abroad as a cross cultural exchange.

Yes, after you complete your experience, you will be getting a certificate from AIESEC stating that you worked for a United Nation’s sustainable development goal with us. The details of the country and the duration will also be mentioned.

Cost and Expenditure

Following is the fee structure-

– Fee to be paid upon acceptance to the project –  You will need to pay your AIESEC fee after your selection to a project which you can check before applying to the projects and will also be told to you by your Experience Manager. This will be a standard fee and will remain the same for all projects and all countries.

– Fee to be paid upon arrival in the country –  Your hosting AIESEC entity might also have an administration fee for their services provided to you, like airport pick up and induction programs – which will be a one time fee charged from you upon your arrival there and will be told to you beforehand when you apply.

This is the only expense that AIESEC charges.

– Visa and Flight Tickets – These are to be covered by you.

You can choose the country most affordable for you according to your budget by consulting your Experience Manager.

You will not be paying anything when you sign up or start your selection process, you will have to pay the admin fee for registration after you get selected to a project and the fee for the host will be paid upon arrival in the country.

About host country

Airport pick up is almost always provided unless the flight arrival is at an inconvenient time (like late night or too early in the morning), in case pick up is not provided then instructions are given beforehand to the intern on how to reach the accommodation from the airport on their own.

If the airport pick up is to be paid by the intern it is usually included in the project fee paid as a one time payment upon arrival in the country by the intern. If not, the intern is told beforehand.

Yes, the AIESEC host entity there, apart from providing airport pick up on the day or arrival and providing the accommodation will also be facilitating some incoming preparation seminars for getting the interns acquainted with the country, its food, places and culture etc, and will also be accompanying the interns to their first day of work to help with onboard induction there, along with proving departure support and farewell upon the completion of the program.

Applying and Selection

You need first complete your profile and you can start applying right away. 

The selection process will be through a virtual call interview with an AIESEC responsible who will be your project manager. The timing for the interview will be arranged mutually with the applicant. In some cases selection through videos is also done for some projects. 

Once you have shortlisted projects, you can apply to them straight away. After applying, the selection can be as fast as within a week or can be more than a month too, it depends a lot on the project or place where you are applying or how soon your interview is getting set up etc, which is why it is important to have your Experience Manager consult you about the best options of places to apply and be a touchpoint with the Project Manager of the project where you apply to fasten the process for you.

After you get selected, you can complete the process by signing the Intern contract with your Experience Manager and making the payment of the AIESEC fee. Apart from this you just need to do sign an Acceptance Note for the project where you got selected and take the Leadership Development Assessment which is a small online task – both of these tasks need to be done on aiesec.org and do not take more than 5 to 10 minutes, your Experience Manager will guide you further on this. Once you are done with all of this, your experience manager and project manager from both the countries will approve you on system and you would be finalised for the program and all set to go.

Yes, Upon signing up on aiesec.org, someone from the nearest AIESEC local office will be appointed to you as your Experience Manager . He/She will guide you with the entire process and will be there to answer your queries. 

Experience Managers

Your Experience Manager will be an AIESEC representative appointed to you from the nearest local office from where you live. He or she will be responsible for facilitating the entire process for you from selection to even after you go for the internship. This individual is an AIESEC volunteer from the city who works within a delivery team of AIESEC part time while they are enrolled in a university.

The Experience Manager will not only provide you with guidance by giving you the best options to apply for according to your country (visa status), profile and interests but will also serve as a link between you and the project manager of the project where you would be applying. So they will be facilitating your selection process and be your co-ordinator after you go for the internship to ensure a good experience for you there by being constantly in touch with you.

As soon as you sign up on the website you would be appointed an Experience Manager from AIESEC. You check out their contact details from the aiesec.org website by logging in and going to your profile. You can reach out to them via email or phone. 

Visa and accomodation

AIESEC will help you by providing visa support. First and foremost, the Experience Manager will be suggesting the countries according to the visa status of those countries, meaning that they will recommend you only those countries which will have smoother visa regulations. Secondly, Invitation Letters, Accommodation proofs and other necessary documents(depending on the country) are to be provided from AIESEC to help in the process. AIESEC plays more of a consultative role as far as visa is concerned by providing guidance and the required documents.

An accommodation will either be provided within the project itself or the host entity will arrange it for the intern, in which case the rent of the accommodation will be included in the project fee paid by the intern.

We have different kinds of accommodation which can be in the form of hostels, dorms to intern houses which are apartments specifically for AIESEC interns or Global Homes/Global Hosts which is when intern lives with a local family. The type of accommodation can vary from project to project and even within a project we can have different types of accommodation and at times the exact nature of accommodation can only be confirmed a few weeks before the project starts as it is subject to availability.

Usually there is no choice, the intern is just told about it a few weeks before the project starts. However a tentative option is given to the intern beforehand through which they can decide if they are okay with it, otherwise they can have the option of going with another project with a more suitable accommodation if required.

The accommodation might be free of charge (which is usually the case in Global homes) if not, then the fee for the accommodation is also included in the project fee itself that is told beforehand to the EP before applying and is paid only once upon arrival to the country.

In few projects, food is provided and covered in the project fee itself. However, mostly the intern is given liberty to choose their own food which is considered more convenient for the intern. In case the food is not provided, then the intern is instructed on where he can find what kind of food in the incoming preparation seminar held there soon after the arrival. Some of our accommodations can also have in-built kitchens where you can cook your own meals!